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Quality Assurance

It was multiply confirmed by our operations practice, that the high quality basis of our solutions is our quality system, documented and constantly ready for action The quality system stipulates:

  • Application of all advanced technologies both for software developments and to handle the projects;
  • Strict following to standards.

    The InterRusSoft Co. follows ISO quality standards of 9000 and 14000 series and other international or national standards both in respect of developing products and offering services quality.
    The standards and terms, applying within the frameworks of the quality programs for concrete systems, are:
  • Standards: ANSI, IEEE, ITU-T, IMA, PGP etc.
  • The governmental requirements 'Material Management and Accounting System' - MMAS;
  • The guidelines APICS: MPS/MRP, MRPII/ERP, APS;
  • The problem-oriented CASE-technology of management system design and IDEF (FIPS) technological standards.

    We consider the customer as an important partner in realization of our quality control program.
    We hope to obtain the international certificate ISO 9001 (ANSI/ASQC 91) next year.
    Hereinafter we plan to certificate our management system of development and implementation of the projects on correspondence to the requirements CMM (Capability Maturity Model for Software) Level 3.

    Project Management

    The project manager is assigned for each new project. He is responsible for general organization of operations under the project and for achieving the project purposes, operating interaction with the customer. The project manager guides of development group. He is responsible for duly execution of the schedule of developments and product quality.

    The analyst - designer is added to the project staff. His duty is the customer requirement analysis, technical designing, and also analytical support of the project in the subsequent period. The project team is supplemented with special expert in case of implementation of the project in particular data domain.

    An allocated software tester is included in the project team at the earliest stage of works. His task is testing cards development (together with the analyst and expert) and, on those cards basis, scripts creating for the automated software testing. He makes also current testing of the software components as they are producing by the developers.
    Actual basis, on which the effective handle of the project is carried out, is PMS (Project Management System) - special program system intended for handle of activity of the project.

    PMS is a database, where all messages about development results are put down. Such messages concerns detected errors, new or detailed specifications and extensions of the requirements, and jobs are brought according to the schedule of development. The chief developer dispatches the messages (i.e. jobs) between the participants of the project according to technological chains. He inspects jobs timing implementations.

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