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April 12, 2004
Institute of Information Industry (Taiwan) arranged Inforus seminar "Russian IT industry overview". The presentation and additional info available by e-mail:

February 27, 2004
Inforus President Andrey Masalovich presents Russian e-Procurement project at the APEC summit in Santiago, Chile.

May 2, 2003
Russian IT Association was invited to take part in the annual meeting of ITC UNCTAD/WTO. As the result, Russian experts will take part in the development of e-Trade and e-Commerce platforms for CIS members and their partners.

March, 17, 2003
€200 000 for the best IT-project
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March, 13, 2003
A conference on business management will take place in April
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February, 28, 2003
Delegation of Russian IT Association visited India with the official mission
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February, 1, 2003
Microsoft supports "Education leader" competition
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January, 27, 2003
ROCIT: free seminar on a provocative subject

ROCIT: free seminar on a provocative subject

An exciting seminar titled "Are trade sites and on-line exchanges attractive?" will take place on Thursday (January,30).

The seminar will include reports by Maxim Kuzin (Finance-Analyst), Constantin Morozov (, Alexander Yevtushkin (NICKOIL) and Valery Kutukov (I.B. Partners). By tradition the second part of the seminar will represent the round-table discussion, when the reporters should answer the listeners' questions. The profile mass media representatives have been invited to this seminar, besides it is probably going to be broadcasted on-line at the following server:

By the way, you can enjoy it for free, so if you'd like to participate in the seminar, use the following address: Moscow, Nakhimovsky prospect, 47 (twenty-storey glassy building with Mobius Band figure on its facade).

April, 3, 2003
High-tech supporting fund "Gorbachev-project" with the assistance of Inforus consortium has solemnly presented certificates to their 18 bursars - students of the Vladimir State University.

February, 17, 2003
High-tech supporting fund "Gorbachev-project" has announced an establishment of a grant program supporting students of Russian regional institutes. It will be realized in cooperation with Inforus consortium.

December, 4 , 2002
1 - 4, December - The regularly scheduled round table of ITC of UNO has been taking place in Vilnius. Foto: the members of Russian delegation - Irina Yazvina, Alexander Karpachev and Andre Masalovich carrying on negotiations with the representatives of ITC of UNO.

October, 23, 2002
22-23, October - The first Russian-German symposium on collaboration in the field of IT has been taking place in "Renaissance-Moscow" hotel.

October, 15, 2002
High-Tech supporting fund "Gorbachev-project", Inforus consortium and SAP company (in the person of general manager Mr. Plattner) have signed an agreement.

October, 10, 2002
The first Russian-Korean IT-forum has been taking place in "Renaissance-Moscow" hotel. The heads of the leading Russian IT-associations (RITA, Russoft, Inforus) participate in the forum.

April 19, 2002
17-19, April - Russian delegation, consisting of Andre Masalovich (Inforus), Irina Yazvina (RITA), Alexander Komarov (RITA), Anatoly Lebedev (LAN Crypto), has been taking part in the 35th session of International Trade Center of UNO (Geneva).

April 18, 2002
The heads of RITA and Inforus have been carrying on negotiations with Mr. Ajay Malik, vice-prezident of NASSCOM (India).

April 15, 2002
RITA delegation participates in 35 Session of Joint Advisory Group of International Trade Center, Geneva

April 12, 2002
Heads of conducting IT-associations have agreed upon cooperation
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April 10, 2002
Russian Information Technology Association is invited as coorganisator of the largest Russian-German symposium wich will held in October, 2002
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April 8, 2002
RITA on behalf of one of the members of corporation "Parus" realizes the project with the German company on promotion of the Russian information technologies on the market of Germany. For acquaintance with a demonstration example the site is created

March 29, 2002
One of founders of association - corporation "Parus" - and Intel Corporation have signed the partner agreement
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March 18, 2002
One of main RITA`s tasks is assistance of realization of partner programs between IT community of Russia and foreign countries
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