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Customer Communication

We consider our customer as an irreplaceable partner in support of timely implementation of the project and reaching of the project goals in exact correspondence with customer needs.
It is guaranteed by the adjusted system of interaction of the customer with the developer on all phases of our product life cycle.

The system of interaction includes:

  • Detailed study of the requirements to the future system and fixing them as a document and a CASE-model.
  • Application of a modern project management system providing customer's on-line access to the information, contained in it.
  • Availability of round-the-clock feedback both for the customer and the developer on all modern communication channels, also including the virtual Project Control Center on a WEB-site of the developer.
  • Availability of current version of the developing software on the site of the developer, easy of access for the customer at any moment.

    Technical Support

    We render to our clients' technical support under all our projects during all the life cycle of our products (including the most durable phase - commercial operation of the product).

    The personal manager is assigned under each project for support of interaction with the client. This manager preliminary answers customer questions within a day, and gives detailed answer within 2 days.
    Difference in time between customer and us we transform from inconvenience into advantage, realizing a principle of operation "overnight". During the day the customer gets acquainted with results of operation of the project and forms his wishes. When at the customer place occurs night (and for us - day) the developers will realize customer's new wishes; next morning the customer already can work with the following portion of results. As a result the customer and the developer time is used maximum effectively.

    The project is equipped with all necessary means for support of operating dialogue with the customer. They are:
  • A selected Internet channel without limitations on speed and traffic;
  • Teleconferencing means;
  • Telephones, fax.

    There isn't language barrier between the project team and the customer. The managers of the projects who need directly communicate to the customers speak English. The experts for whom English language is native prepare all documentation intended to the customer.

    Property Rights

    The main new results of the project are patented. The patent file is prepared and registered officially after the assertion of the Detailed Project Report. Temporary patent (patent pending) is valid within 1 year. During this period the rights of the customer on the product are protected already. In case of need to obtain of full value patent the customer has enough of time for execution of all official procedures (since a detailed patent expert examination).

    All participants of the project sign the agreement on transmission to the customer of all property right on the product.

    If the agreement with the customer provides involvement of the developer in profits of the product sales (though, as a rule, we do not share in profits), to promote the product the affiliated company will be organized. All rights to the product are transmitted to it. The customer and developer's shares of the in profits on sales of the product are regulated and consolidated by shares of a stake in ownership of the newly created company.


    The following rules of observance of the information confidentiality are completely immutable for us:
  • Any fragments of the developed product initial code within the framework of the project under of the customer's orders are not used in other products.
  • The information on the project is not transmitted to the third persons without the customer's permission.
  • All participants of the project sign the obligation do not participate in similar competitive developments during definite period of time (usually 2-5 years).

    We are ready to discuss and to install additional rules of support of privacy on demand of the customer.

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