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High technologies are the area where the Russian companies always were among the best. We are sure, growth of offshore development market will be in progress for quite a long time. We believe, the Russian software business successes as a whole is founded on traditional advantages of the domestic developers, such as:

  • creative thinking, ability to resolve complex, creative tasks;
  • high qualification of our personnel that depends on a high level of their base education;
  • an ample opportunity to integrate of defense industry achievements in all our projects.

    We have ability together with other forward Russian companies to transform software developments into high-tech industry.


    The InterRusSoft company was created on the basis of association of the best experts from Russia possessing experience of the successful IT-projects. We promote success and prosperity of our clients, offering them the most qualitative solutions for business on the most forward directions of technical progress.

    Our high technology solutions are founded on our clients' tasks or on our own know-how in various industry areas.

    They are:

  • The Internet and e-commerce (OLAP and Data Mining, support of models b2b and b2c, intellectual retrieval machines, WEB-portal design).
  • The high-speed communications and data protection.
  • Systems of operative - strategic management of business ("business intelligence" solutions).

    About Us

    The InterRusSoft Co. is a private Russian company established in 1999. All its participants have more than 10-year's experience of the successful international IT-projects.

    InterRusSoft is the innovative Russian software production center, oriented for rapid software development at the world market. Our headquarter is located in Moscow, however, our offshore programmers can be found in St. Petersburg, Perm, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other famous Russian scientific Centers.

    The company dispose of 20 competent managers who are knowing how to conduct the long-time projects, certified on technologies of development, quality assurance of software products and services, interaction with the client at all stages of life cycle of products (analysis and matching of the requirements, development, testing and beta testing and support). They know how to control both offshore projects and projects on the customer's site.

    Over 60 experienced analysts, programmers, testers work for the company now. But in case of need up to 200 experts can be involved in our clients' projects in 2-4 weeks.

    InterRusSoft has agreements with more than 20 companies having know-how in various areas of a science, engineering and technology for engaging their employees in the projects.

    Our main competitive advantage is the company's ability to concentrate the efforts on solutions constructed on the basis of modern achievements of the Russian high technologies with usage of the most effective development tools and technologies of implementation of the projects.

    Major areas of Interests

    We concentrate on such directions as:
  • Modern Internet Solutions (B2B, C2B, B2C Electronic Exchanges, the brand new concept of E2E Integration)
  • Solutions for Internet marketing and On-line commerce
  • Privacy Support Solutions in the Internet and global networks
  • " Business Intelligence " solutions
  • Short-term forecasting (Stocks, Indexes etc.)
  • Risk Management

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