200 000 for the best IT-project

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European Council of computer-aided software/system engineering (Euro-CASE) in conference with European association "Information Society Technologies" (IST) have announced the regularly scheduled competition searching for the most advanced and progressive IT-projects in Europe.

The prize-money of the competition total 700 000 and will be shared among the winners, who are supposed to offer finished market concepts and fairly innovative research results.

The main objective of the competition is to promote innovations in the field of IT. Any fresh idea as concerns to Hi-Tech products may be taken into consideration. However, there must exist the production prototype. Integrated products should not have appeared in the market before the 1st of June 2002.

International experts assess concurrent products on various characteristics, such as design engineering, novel approach and competitive ability. They also take into account the factor of job creation by means of capturing new outlets or forming new companies. An added bonus would be granted to that product, which inspires the society to adopt information technologies.

The competition is held among companies, universities, professional colleges and other organizations in Europe and Israel. There will be 20 winners and each of them will earn 5000. Three enterprises could be awarded with a prestigious Grand Prix (200000). The money awards will be presented to the winners at the IST association meeting in Milan this year (October, 2 - 4).

For more detailed information on the competition contact http://www.it-prize.org. The deadline for participating in the competition is May,15 of 2003.