A conference on business management will take place in April

Site contents: www.business2business.ru

At the conference there will be presented the latest developments by "Symbol Technologies" and "Zebra Technologies" on basis of wireless networks and identification technologies for different (market) segments, such as follow: trade and logistics, transport, state institutions, banks and postal services. The schedule of the conference also includes reports by the leading specialists of "Pilot", "Datascan", "EXE Technologies" and "BSE", who took direct part in developing and applying solutions based on technologies presented by "Symbol Technologies" and "Zebra Technologies".

The conference will be held in the form of a plenary session. Then it will be arranged in the following sections:

  • trade;
  • transport, post, delivery logistics;
  • industry and production;
  • security and circulation of documents;
  • state institutions and banks.
You can acquaint with the program of the conference and get registered on the following site: http://www.acc.ru/symbol_zebra.