Microsoft supports "Education leader" competition.

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From the 10th of February to the 25th inclusive an annual All-Russia competition named "Education leader" and held for the third time in history will take place in Moscow. It is aimed at showing up and investigating new theoretical and practical trends of education management and supporting innovative developments and technologies, which could promote improvement of educational system in Russian Federation and seriously govern educational process.

This year the representation of Microsoft in Russia and CIS has been one of the sponsors of the competition, having granted $5000 for realizing the winner-project. The All-Russia competition "Education leader" has taken place since 2000 and arranged by Russian Ministry of Education, Central Committee of magistral and scientific brotherhood of Russian Federation, "Teacher's paper" and the Commonwealth of Internet Education. This time the competition has got a different form.

The number of competitors, participating in the internal part of the competition, has been increased. 107 men, selected during the distance (correspondence) stage, are invited to Moscow, where they are going to have training course on a program named "Internet technologies applications in education management", carried out by the Commonwealth of Internet Education. Then they are supposed to participate in the competition's procedures. The internal round also consists of two stages: within the first one all the participants, who came to Moscow, and the members of Russian Social Committee will pick out 20 finalists, which will fight for the main prize "Golden Mirror" and the grant on realizing for realizing the project.